We have wide range of Narrow Mouth Barrels, Composite Barrels, Full Open Mouth Barrels & Epoxy Coated Barrels.

Tight Head Drums

We molded tight head drums are sealed at both ends. The drum has greater impact even at low temperature. We also undertake customized designs based on your requirements. The tight head drum has both ends seamed and no removable lid and access is through fittings, usually 2” and ¾” in the top. These tight head steel drums have a closed top with a lid that is not removable. Fittings, which are typically at the top of the drum provides access to the product inside. Tight head drums are suitable for lower viscosity liquids such as fragrances or beverages.

Used for transporting liquid products. The drum is available between a thickness range of 0.80mm and 1.63mm.

Open Head Drums

FULL OPEN TOP BARRELS are manufactured as per ISI standard with high quality cold rolled steel as material of construction. The full open top cover eases the process of filling and removing semi-liquid or powder form chemicals. The closure ring ensures the safety of product while transporting.

These type of drums are used for high density liquid and dry products like packaging of pigment, Inks, Resin and various semi-solid chemicals, this drum is open at the top with a lid. This allows easy filling up of products. There are two types of mechanisms available, lever-latching and bolt ring.

Clamp rings helps protect the contents from spilling over. Thickness range varies between 0.80mm to 1.25mm.

Epoxy Coated Drums

The internal coating of lacquered drums protects the contents from any kind of reaction. The drums are coated using pigmented lacquer or other coating material depending on the requirement. As per customer’s requirement, different lacquers are used for coating such as Food Grade Lacquer and Pesticide Grade Lacquer. The barrels are then passed in to the oven for baking at 210 to 230 Degree. Due to the this non-reactive property, epoxy coated barrels are also used for products such as paints, chemicals and seeds. These have become environmental friendly option for packaging.

This comes in both tight head and open head types. The thickness ranges from 1.00mm to 1.63mm. We also design tailor-made solutions.

GI Barrels

We are specialized in the sphere of manufacturing an exclusive range of Galvanized Barrels from GP Sheet with zinc coating of 90 GSM to 200 GSM to our clients that meet their varied and diverse packaging requirements. Barrels are manufactured as per IS Standards.